Our current Tap Room selections are:

MINER Pilsner Cider 6.3% 1.058 10
MINER Mango Cream Ale 4.6% 1.042 12
MINER Honey Lager 5.0% 1.045 15
MINER Wheat 5.5% 1.054 15
MINER Belgian Dubbel – Specialty 6.1% 1.064 19
MINER Irish Red Ale 5.1% 1.052 21
MINER Irish Stout – Specialty 4.3% 1.046 31
MINER Belgian Tripel – Specialty 9.2% 1.080 32
MINER Inner Humility – Specialty 5.8% 1.058 35
MINER East River IPA 6.4% 1.055 60
Sparkling Peach Mead 11.0% N/A N/A


Our Tap Room usually offers a selection of pours, including a tasting flight of six 4 oz. glasses, 16 oz. pint, 32 oz. growlette or 64 oz. growler fills. We also serve a selection of menu items from Prairie Berry Winery; click here to see our menu.

Due to limited production, not all beers on tap will be available in all sizes. Beers in the flight are selected by our Brewmaster. Availability of growlers and growlettes may be limited due to high demand.

Growlette & Growler Care Instructions:

Beer fills in closed vessels can be stored unopened for up to two weeks in a cool environment. Once opened, we recommend enjoying within two days.

In the Fermenters

MINER Irish Stout
MINER Dr. Valentine
MINER West River Pale Ale
MINER Saison