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“Craft beer is awesome. Therefore, it deserves awesome and delicious food to be paired with it!

My go-to sandwich to pair with a beer this summer is the Turkey, Bacon, & Tomato. Chef Jen, from Prairie Berry Winery’s Kitchen, crafted this scrumptious summer sandwich using roasted turkey, pepper bacon, and tomatoes, along with basil aioli and Havarti cheese. The rich flavors of this sandwich perfectly complement the complex brews that Sandi crafts at Miner Brewing Co. 

My personal recommendation to pair with this sandwich is the Honey Lager. The light malt character and crisp mouthfeel accentuate the roasted turkey and balance the acidity of the tomatoes and aioli. If you’re looking for a bit bolder flavor to pair with the sandwich, I’d try the Dr. Valentine. It’s a full body Imperial Red IPA with a complex flavor profile to match the Turkey, Bacon, & Tomato Sandwich.

Come on down for lunch and try pairing a couple different beers to see what you like best!” – Charlie Poehls

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