Our Family
Posted on Oct 21, 2019 in Blog, Chuck and Dave's Faves | No Comments

“Casey here. I have refrained from peeking into the spotlight of Chuck and Dave’s Faves in the past, but I am so excited about something I couldn’t help myself!

Having a great time at our third Miner Music Festival this July got us thinking. Why limit this sort of fun to one time a year? Without letting the cat out of the bag entirely, here are a few hints at what’s coming up in just a few short months.

On February 15 we will be hosting a winter-themed festival which will be comprised of delicious food and drink (of course), foot-stomping live music, activities for all ages and interests, and a bonfire to boot! We promise to let you in on more of the details very soon, but for now mark that date on your calendar and try to contain your excitement as best you can. I’ve heard having a beer can help.

More details coming soon, cheers!” – Casey Nordine, Taproom Hospitality Manager